Online Poker Cheats – Beating the Software

Ever since the advent of online poker, numerous claims have surfaced on methods to crack or hack the software that runs the sites in an effort to help players win through online poker cheats. Most of these claims center on the Random Number Generator (RNG), and exploiting the vulnerabilities of the RNG.

However, the RNG is as impervious as Fort Knox, and attempts to predict or hack a poker site RNG is at best a fantasy. Yet, there are ways to exploit the software used in Online Poker and to actually use these inherent flaws to beat the online poker games.

The reason it is impossible to break the RNG is that the seed used by the online poker rooms can be as varied as using a white noise generator, advanced algorithms to select that seed number and constant changing of the seed number at intermittent intervals.

The mistake many people make is they believe the RNG is the culprit in determining the outcomes of hands. In reality, the RNG is only responsible for selecting a shuffled deck of cards; while associated subroutines and algorithms are the actual deterministic factors in the outcome of a hand.

Knowing what these additional subroutines and algorithms are doing is the secret to being able to crack the code to online poker and produce winning outcomes for you. It is important to understand that the fallacy that the RNG determines the outcome is what poker sites would like players to believe. After all, if players knew how to avoid bad beats, how to deliver bad beats and how to guarantee deeper cashes and bigger wins, the game would not appear to be fair.

Think how much more fair the game would be if your opponent’s flush draw didn’t get there every time on the river, or if your KK was not always up against AA, or even better if your Aces did not constantly get cracked by donkey plays.

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